Sax | Guitar

Here's an attempt to sum up eighteen + years of sax (and three on guitar), without doing the cliche, I'm pretending to be writing about myself like a publicist would, third person thing.

I value transparency. Honesty. True engagement on real terms. 


Joe Edwards is an award-winning saxophonist hailing from our nation's capital. Welp, I've failed already.

Let's try this again...

Does anyone read bios, these days?

As with any other piece of progress in my life, I have to view my musical journey through the lens of fantastic mentors. Whether it's Walter Beasley, inviting me to sit in whenever he's in town at Blues Alley/Birchmere/Rams Heador _____ inviting me to apply for the Washington Post’s Music and Dance Awards, mine is a story of shoulders ______

A major part of my musical education took place in high school. I went to DeMatha in Hyattsville, MD. We’re often thought of as a sports powerhouse, but we also had (and have) very good music and academic programs. Under the leadership of a great set of conductors (Jim Roper and John Mitchell), I played in the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. During my four years at DM, I studied under legendary saxophonist (and head of Jazz Studies at University of MD, College Park) Chris Vadala.

Throughout my college years (UMBC/Undergrad ; UMD CP/Grad), I played with Ndelible. We played along some of my favorite acts, including: Eric Roberson, Fertile Ground, Anthony David and Dwele. We were also featured on okayplayer,

Music-aside, I work as a Mobile Project Manager, by day.

I also have to shout out yoga. ______

I received my Master’s from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy. I’m also a proud graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), where I was a Sondheim Public Affairs Scholar and majored in Political Science.